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Pino Pondrelli (Owner and Pastry Chef)

Is it possible that a little boy's passion for cookies and pastries, brought him on a life long journey for almost twenty years to make others' lives a little bit sweeter... literally? From a small town outside of Naples, Italy named Bacoli a young boy who had no desire for doing math problems or listening to the history of the italian republic was given a decision by his loving father. School or working in a pastry shop in the city of Naples... the young boy took the job. For years he studied the art of italian pastry making. As time went on Pino Pondrelli studied and worked with some of the most prestigious pastry chefs in italy. keeping every recipe and trick in his mind and close to his heart for the hopes of one day opening his very own pastry shop. Sharing his expertices to a whole new market in a whole new country.
The Pondrelli Family would like to share with our current and future clients some of our delicious products. We speacialize in a large selection of various italian pastries, cookies of all kinds, crisp biscotti, an assortment of italian breads, rolls, and even stuffed breads. We make birthday cakes, or cakes for any other special occasion that might be coming up. Pino Pondrelli also takes pride in his beautiful wedding cakes for those who want to be together for ever. During major holidays we also make traditional honey balls, pizza rustica (meat pies), pastiera (grain pies), lard bread, etc. We are also well known for our fresh italian and new york style cheese cakes, plain or topped with your favorite fruits. We glady offer sugar free products to all who crave a great treat. Italian cookie trays are avaliable in store seven days a week, great for any meeting office event, family or friend visit, or a great treat to bring home to the kids. You can call us up during store hours and order any size and arrangment of your liking. Need a quick treat? we offer crumb cakes, danishes, coffee cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and fresh doughnuts daily. Try our coffee bar too! Fresh brewed specialty coffee, cappuccino, and hot chocolate. And of course... italian espresso that owner Pino Ponderlli would be very happy to make for you and himself.

Vi aspettiamo,
Buona Fortuna,
La Famiglia Pondrelli.